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Staff Picks for 2020:

13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Reel 

• Advanced inline reel for ice fishing
• Drop speed control adjusts fall rate
• Graphite Soft Touch frame
• Integrated fender
• Rapid-release spool for instant line changes

The 13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Fishing Reel offers superior performance, inside or outside your shelter. This advanced ice reel delivers the performance you need to optimize your time on hard water, with an advanced feature list that includes Drop Speed Control, for ultimate precision with any lure weight. Built on a sturdy graphite Soft Touch frame and equipped with an integrated fender that allows you to fish effectively regardless of hand position, the Descent Inline Reel eliminates common line twist issues and incorporates 5 stainless steel ball bearings plus instant anti-reverse. Aluminum handle and drag star; deadstick alarm; powerful 2.7:1 gear ratio. Rapid-release spool enables you to change lines and get back to fishing with lightning speed. If you’re serious about your ice fishing, this is the reel you’ll want to put on your best ice rod.

What makes it special:  “13 Fishing have been innovators of inline ice reels since they burst onto the fishing scene.  Adding features and designs never before seen, they’ve converted countless ice anglers to their style of inline reels.  Eliminating all line twist, the Descent model retrieves at powerful 2.7:1, a vast improvement from the first 1:1 inlines. The Descent allows you to control the speed of the drop easily, and comes with a easy star drag system.  The deadstick alarm is a great feature we never knew we needed until using this reel.  If you’re looking to switch to inline – it would be hard to find a better value/feature/quality balance.”


LIVETARGET® has developed a specialized injection process (Injected Core Technology™) that merges realism and function like never before. The life-like Inner-Core is constructed with realistic forage profiles and vibrant colours. The core is then encapsulated in a clear, durable Exo-Skin, which generates the bait’s signature action. The Flutter Shad is a freshwater jigging spoon with an erratic twitch and a dynamic slow-falling action. Can also be casted and dragged over cover or along/close to the surface. 1 per pack.

The Flutter Shad mimics a Shad fluttering in distress. The Inner-Core produces a vibrant flash, the feather hook creates drag and holds the hook in the ideal strike position when falling. Lift and drop to create a falling shimmy action or snap the rod tip to impart an erratic twitch action. The result is a strobing flash, that triggers predatory gamefish.


What makes it special:  “Flutter spoons are great at triggering an aggressive bite when nothing else seems to work.  To achieve the flutter descent, the spoon has to be shaped a certain way – but it no longer has the shape of the bait it is trying to mimic, making it look unnatural.  That’s where LiveTarget’s new flutter spoon comes in.  Their Injected Core Technology encapsulates a properly-shaped, realistic bait inside a clear exo-skin to get the best of both worlds – a real-looking bait with the perfect flutter on the way down.  Another great innovation from LiveTarget.”

Northland Glo-Shot Spoon 

  • Glo-Shot™ Stick Attracts Fish From Afar Glows In Color For 8+ Hours
  • S-Curve Design Enhances Action Non-Toxic, 1.5 Inches Long
  • Lightweight Z-Alloy For Maximum Flutter Red, Green And Chartreuse Colors
  • 4 Metallic, 4 UV And 4 Glow Color Options 

Includes three sticks and removal tool

A killer on perch, walleyes, pike and trout. Cast or vertically jig. S-curve design and light, lead-free construction excels with twitches, lifts and falls. Glo-Shot Sticks boost fish attraction in low-visibility situations. Change Glo-Shot Stick colors to match conditions. Tip with live bait or IMPULSE® soft plastics. 

What makes it special:  “In lower-visibility water, the Glo-Shot Spoon stands out from everything else in the water.  This really comes in handy in the Winter when not as much sunlight gets through to the fish.  Use it bare or tipped with a minnow or Northland Implulse Perch Eye.  Jig it up and let it flutter down, and watch the marks go crazy on your sonar.  This lure was the most-requested product here at the shop in 2019, and we’re happy to add them to our inventory for our customers.”

Bingo Bug by Lucky Bug

  • Hand-tied Hybrid Lure, Made In Canada
  • Diverse Colors and Patterns, all UV Coated
  • 3 sizes
  • A fly with a lip like a crankbait!

These unique, game-changing lures can be casted or trolled with regular fishing gear – or used on a fly rod.  They can even be used when ice-fishing!

What makes it special:  “There are no similar lures on the market.  From perch and trout to walleye and pike. Even arctic grayling.  A fly with a lip similar to a scatter rap (erratic vibrations and darting action), this lure is great when trolled with a bottom bouncer or a Carolina rig setup, or simply casted with a split shot.  Having several colors will let you ‘match the hatch’ no matter the season.  We’ve had amazing success with this exciting new lure, so be sure to ask for advice on what techniques work best and when!”

Fenwick Elite Tech Predator Casting Rod


What makes it special:  “Here’s your big fish rod.  Trophy pike.  Muskie.  Channel Catfish.  Sturgeon.  The Predator’s immense power can turn the head of any freshwater leviathan, and many saltwater beasts as well.  Pair it with a round trolling reel or with a powerful baitcaster and watch how it throws baits up to 8 ounces with ease.  With this rod, any angler can confidently go big game hunting all day long.”

  • Hidden Handle Design reel seat allows function and comfort to co-exist. Added comfort, won’t ‘feel the threads’ like traditional reel seats.
  • Titanium frame guides are extremely lightweight and are virtually bulletproof!
  • EVA and TAC handle design provides a solid grip even when the handle becomes wet.

The ultimate collision of lightweight, power, balance, and blank stiffness combine allowing anglers to fish all day without tiring.  Featuring our strongest stainless steel guides designed to prevent insert ‘pop-out’ will provide years of quality performance.  These rods also feature one of the most innovative handle designs on the market with sculpted TAC material and EVA inserts at key locations. Each model is specifically designed to help anglers take their favorite large species techniques to the next level. 

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Rods


What makes it special:  “You know who you are……you’ve grown up catching walleye on the Prairies.  You’ve used almost every type of rod at one time or another.  It’s time to treat yourself and use a true, finely tuned walleye rod.  From the eye-opening sensitivity to the awesome hooksets – this perfectly balanced rod will feel like it was made just for you.  Enjoy it, you deserve it!”

  • Hidden Handle Design reel seat allows function and comfort to co-exist. Added comfort, won’t ‘feel the threads’ of traditional reel seats.
  • Titanium frame guides are extremely lightweight and are virtually bulletproof!
  • TAC and EVA handle design provides a solid grip even when the handle becomes wet.
  • Perfected actions designed specifically for walleye fishing.

Take your favourite walleye techniques to the next level with the Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Rods. Offering the ultimate in sensitivity, these rods feature fast and ultrafast tip sections that allow you to feel everything. Sturdy titanium frame guides deliver increased durability while reducing rod weight. Innovative cork and TAC handle provides a solid, comfortable grip in wet conditions. Hidden-handle-design reel seat combines comfort and function. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. These rods are an annual favorite on the professional walleye tournament trail.

VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble 

  • Resin sealed swivel and blade for maximum rotation and flash. The new VMC® 7548 Bladed Hybrid treble hook, features a premium quality small Willow blade. The Blade is connected to the base of the treble by a swivel ensuring a smooth 360 degree rotation. The treble hooks used is part of the Premium VMC® “75 series”.

  • Instantly upgrades spoons, crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, swimbaits, plugs – or even used alone jigging tipped with plastics or bait.
  • Can be used all year round for both open water and ice fishing.

What makes it special:  “Allows anglers to unleash the full potential of their favorite lures simply by adding a hook. While respecting the original action of the lure design, the Hybrid treble is adding flash and vibration which are known to be triggering factors when targeting predators all around the world. You can even try it all by itself with a minnow head or Northland Impulse Perch Eye!”

Rapala Otus and Peto Large Softbaits

It’s all about the big-bodied softbaits for trophy pike and muskie!

What makes it special:  “Big pike love BIG softbaits, but man are those teeth ever hard on the tails!  With their new X-Rap Otus and Peto softbaits, Rapala solves the problem by allowing the tails to be switched out for new ones.  Each design gives a distinctly different motion and visual presentation to give those toothy critters whatever they want on a given day.  Once you see these baits you’ll understand how good they’ll perform for you on the water.”

Rapala X-Rap Peto
  • The Finnish Beast, X-Rap® Peto, combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap® construction with a beautifully color matched soft tail to create a seamless hybrid bait. With its slow sink rate and perfectly horizontal fall, X-Rap® Peto is the ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions. The tail kicks with a wide action when retrieved; or try a jerk & pause allowing the bait to slowly swim into the depths. The soft tail is firmly secured to the body with a 6-point stainless plate. Spare tail included. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black™ hooks.
  • ABS Body with Soft PVC Tail
  • 6-Point Stainless Plate Tail Locking System
  • Wide Tail-Kicking with Body Roll
  • Large Predator Gamefish
  • VMC® Coastal Black™ Treble Hooks
Rapala X-Rap Otus
  • A formidable creature, the X-Rap® Otus, combines Rapala’s fish-catching X-Rap® construction with a beautifully color matched curl tail to create a seamless hybrid bait. With its slow sink rate and wide wafting tail, X-Rap® Otus is the ideal choice for cold water & challenging conditions. The body rolls side-to-side as the enormous curl tail pulses behind when retrieved. When paused, the tail acts as a parachute, stabilizing the lure as it slowly swims into the depths. The soft tail is firmly secured to the body with a 6-point stainless plate. Spare tail included. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black hooks.
  • ABS Body with Soft PVC Tail
  • 6-Point Stainless Plate Tail Locking System
  • Wafting Curl Tail with Body Roll
  • Large Predator Gamefish
  • VMC® Coastal Black™ Treble Hooks
  • Spare tail included

Live Target Perch Swimbaits by Koppers

  • One of the most common forages in Northern and Canadian waters, the Yellow Perch Swimbait is going to be a hit with  Walleye, Pike and Bass anglers. With a tight wiggle and medium-slow sink speed, it is ideally fished over weed tops and around structure. Drift, cast or slow troll it over shallow ambush points.

What makes it special:  “Baits so realistic they’ll even fool you!  The tail has been tuned so it swims like a real perch swims.  Easy to fish:  Cast it out and it will drop one foot per second so you can control exactly how deep you want the bait to be.  Troll it behind the boat either beside or over weedbeds to entice ambushing predators.  The 4.5″ is perfect for walleye, with the dorsal fin acting as a weedguard for the hook.  The 8″ Esox version is irresistible to pike and muskie, with treble hooks that clip into magnets upon retrieval to stay out of the weeds.  The hooks are easily removed to add a flasher blade or J hook if desired.  These lures need to be seen to be believed.”

Abu Garcia® Black Max Low Profile Reel

  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Power Disk™ drag system
  • Duragear™ brass gear
  • MagTrax™ brake system
  • Compact bent handle and star
  • Recessed reel foot
  • One piece graphite frame
  • Graphite sideplates

The upgraded Black Max low profile baitcast reel delivers class-leading performance in a compact, lightweight design. The new generation of Max reels incorporates new styling with the proven value and reliability that anglers have come to expect from this series.


What makes it special:  “Getting into using baitcasting reels can be as confusing as it is rewarding.  The trick is to start with a well-made, quality reel without breaking the bank.  Abu Garcia, the mighty Swedish fishing reel manufacturer has been making only quality reels since World War II, and the Black Max is a great place to start.  Affordable and easy to use, everyone should own a Black Max.”

Rapala Shift™ Series Spinning Ice Combo

Designed by Rapala Canada specifically for the demanding needs of the Canadian ice fisherman.

In Stock now at Dr. Bob’s, in both Medium and Medium/Heavy.

What makes it special:  “The Shift line of product was specifically engineered from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of the Canadian ice fisherman.  From the lightweight, strong and sensitive high modulus graphite blank to the gorgeous cork handle – Rapala Canada has made a classic.  The reel is completely unique, with a larger spool diameter for eliminating line twist.  This combo is a pleasure to fish with for walleye, pike and trout.”

  • Power Taper Construction
  • 28” Length High-modulus graphite blank, Medium or Medium/Heavy
  • Blank through handle construction gives the rod strength, balance and sensitivity
  • Custom shaped premium cork handles
  • Rapala® MGS Maximum Guide System
  • Hook Keeper
  • Graphite sliding band reel seat
  • Oversize guides to prevent freeze-up
  • Ergonomic Reel Seats for maximum comfort
  • Pre-spooled with Premium Sufix® Ice-Magic monofilament fishing line
  • 5.0:1 gear ratio
  • 5+1 ball bearing
  • Graphite Body
  • Precision Gears, Balanced rotor
  • Instant hookset anti-reverse
  • Large arbor spool minimizes line coils, large line capacity
  • Dual-anodized machined aluminum spool (lb/yds 4/395•6/250•8/160)

A limited release for Canada only, Rapala is always out of stock (even at over $100.00 each), but Dr. Bob’s has you covered.  They’re in stock and ON SALE NOW for $74.99 !!  Get yours before they’re gone!

Pflueger® Trion® Spinning Reel

The Pflueger® Trion® spinning reels and combos are the workhouse of the Pflueger product line-up. Performance and quality at an extremely high value. The Trion is truly ‘The Smart Choice™’.  Factory loaded with cold-weather lubrication for use in both open water and hard water seasons.

  • 7 bearing system
  • Slow oscillation gearing
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Aluminum spool
  • Stainless steel oil felt drag
  • Aluminum handle
  • Summer and Winter reel lubricant from factory
  • 2000, 2500 and 3000 series/sizes in stock at Dr. Bob’s today.

Priced from $54.99 – $59.99

13 Fishing Microtech Walleye Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The 13 Fishing Microtech Walleye Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo has solid fiberglass blank with stainless steel guides with polished inserts great for braid, mono, or flourocarbon line. This rod has an Evolve seamless cork reel seat with a soft touch handle knob.  It comes as no surprise that the most innovative fishing company in the world has made a better walleye rod.  The rod’s sensitivity allows you to feel all of those light bites, while possessing a strong backbone for solid hooksets on big walleye.

As is the case with all 13 Fishing reels, the drag is a delight to use, is easy to set and adjust, and will perform during those screaming runs or violent head shakes that big walleye are known for.

  • 3 BB reel with instant anti-reverse
  • Two tone anodized aluminum spool
  • Soft touch handle knob
  • 36” Length, Medium

We have the new split-grip walleye model in stock now at Dr. Bob’s.

What makes it special:  “13 Fishing is known for their innovation, quality, great aesthetics and amazing drag systems.  All four are on display with their Walleye rod combo.  You feel all the nibbles with this one.  A 36” superstar in the category, the new Split-Grip Walleye handle is a wonderful improvement to an already great model.  For only $39.99, the Split-Grip Walleye combo is a great all-purpose rod – not just great for walleye.”

13 Fishing Heatwave Ice Spinning Combo

The 13 Fishing Heatwave Ice Fishing Rod is made of a solid fibreglass blank construction with stainless steel guides that have polished inserts. This combo includes the Heatwave reel, which has a lightweight graphite body and rotor, a Tennessee EVA handle, and a contoured handle knob.  We sold out of this great combo last season – and this year they’ve upgraded both the rod and the reel!


  • 26” Medium-Light or 28″ Medium
  • Lightweight ice spinning combo
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • 1 ball bearing reel
  • EVA handle
  • Solid fiberglass blank
  • Stainless steel guides and polished inserts

In stock at Dr. Bob’s today.

What makes it special:  “Entry level rod combos are notorious for being too stiff, being poorly made, and for coming with a junk reel with a terrible drag.  13 Fishing has ensured that for only $29.99, you’ll get a capable, sensitive and strong rod complete with a reel with a drag better than any other reel in this price point.  The best option for those on a budget.”